The Performance Diagnostic

The Performance Diagnostic

Change the environment, change the results.



Create a future and align a team


When used together, the Performance Diagnostic and Breakthrough Course Online provide a powerful platform for essential performance conversations during times of crisis. After measuring and discussing the key factors for performance—relevant especially in times of uncertainty—teams work through the mindsets blocking short-term and long-term performance, and ultimately develop the resolve to break through and deliver results.


To further gain depth and understanding beyond the online conversation guides, we work with team leaders and their teams to maximize the conversations and support implementation.

The Performance Diagnostic provides leaders with a data-driven approach to measure and change a company’s current environment. It is a simple and scalable process to unearth intangible team dynamics that impact business performance.



Today’s business landscape is fast-paced and unforgiving for companies that can’t change fast enough to keep up.


Success in any organization depends on the ability of its leaders to continuously develop an environment where people can align together, bring out the best in each other, and innovate—wherever needed—to deliver the outcomes.


The Performance Diagnostic provides the insight to cultivate that type of environment, both in the short-term and over time.

  • Immediately transforms how teams think about their leader, team, and organization.
  • Provides individual and team-based data with an acute focus on performance
  • Engages employees in fully owning company-wide performance
  • Uses validated data to generate authentic team conversations and strengthen alignment
  • Gives leaders a line-of-sight into team and organizational readiness to achieve goals








Leader and Team Dynamics Impacting Performance

Administer a simple and scalable digital diagnostic in a regular, six-month rhythm. Achieve industry-leading response rates.






Where and How Leaders Can Intervene to Improve Results

Analyze data to indicate missing elements in the environment. Use feedback to identify focus areas and create action plans.







Thinking and Behaviors to Build Consistently High-Performing Teams

Initiate new ways of working, increasing an organization’s capacity to deliver breakthrough performance.

Find out more about The Performance Diagnostic.

Find Out More About The Performance Diagnostic

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