Leveraging Genius Online

Leveraging Genius Online

Uncover the roots of your best performance.



Discover your Genius and shift the context for brilliant results


Genius thinking is a powerful access to our most exceptional performance. And everyone has Genius. However, it can be elusive, especially in times of crisis and survival. Connecting to one’s Genius always shifts the context and activates new ways of leading and producing results.


Leveraging Genius Online guides leaders through a process to articulate their personal Genius thinking and then helps leverage this thinking to solve problems and navigate situations requiring new thinking and new approaches.


The Leveraging Genius Online can be paired with the Breakthrough Course Online to create a powerful two-part curriculum that gives a team the relevant tools to create innovation, creative solutions, and problem-solving when the marketplace is radically shifting.


Your best performances don’t happen by accident. They aren’t random or unpredictable. Your best performances happen because your mind is working in a very specific way that brings out the best in you.


There is Genius thinking behind your greatest accomplishments—and to replicate that kind of performance, you need to discover what that Genius thinking is.


Leveraging Genius Online is an immersive online program that guides you to articulate your own unique brilliance and use it to impact a real-time business objective.



Through guided videos and interactive practices, participants gain awareness and access to thinking that gives their best results—their Genius thinking. They build the capability to change their mindsets about their most pressing challenges and commitments.


  • Articulate your personalized blueprint for success
  • Apply your Genius by putting it into practice in specific areas of your business
  • Open up new pathways and solutions to previously intractable issues
  • Instant access to your Genius thinking through the Leveraging Genius mobile app

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