Ambitious Large-Scale Change

Ambitious, Large-Scale Change

It’s possible to change the world you lead.

Most leaders have a vision or a mosaic in their mind for the future of their business. It’s the place they would want to go if they didn’t have the current constraints and short-term pressures.


This mosaic mostly lives in the mind of the leader. What’s obvious to them is not obvious to everyone else. The destination may be clear to them, but fuzzy to others. Pathways forward can get muddled. It’s easy for people to misinterpret, to redirect, to disprove, even to unwittingly resist. Next-level leaders can get lost along the way as they go to execute. Organizational and people dynamics can sweep commitments away.


In our experience, leading large-scale change is about keeping this mosaic alive. And by alive, we mean vibrant, technicolor, and full-resolution. It must be shared constantly and consistently, in different ways, to connect to every aspect of the organization.


Gaining clarity and alignment to deliver the mosaic is essential to delivering any ambitious future. It’s about always calibrating and sharing new angles, always re-introducing the original possibility and building on it.


When the mosaic is clear, it naturally integrates into the layers of leadership, in how they think, work and execute. It unlocks the passion, creativity and genius within leaders at all levels.

Learn about our enterprise consulting.

Learn About Our Enterprise Consulting

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