Breakthrough Intensive

Breakthrough Intensive

Change thinking to change everything.

Leaders who drive change, who strive to drive people and organizations to continuously improve, often miss the most important element to change—mindset.


Assumptions of the past are the greatest challenge leaders face in executing new visions, initiatives, strategies, or processes. New and revolutionary ideas overlaid on top of an old and existing mindset cannot get traction.


The Breakthrough Intensive liberates leaders to think and act in new ways in any circumstance by gaining the fundamental tools to uncover and change mindsets.


The program instills the practices of breakthrough thinking, dispelling the assumptions of the past, and removing barriers to producing unprecedented results.



Through this immersion in breakthrough thinking and performance, leaders will:

  • Come together around a vision and lay the groundwork for organizational alignment and cross-functional collaboration.
  • Apply the concepts learned directly to themselves and their business issues during the program.
  • Transform their thinking and behavior, thereby impacting every aspect of the organization, from vision and strategy to day-to-day operations.


Through new thinking and breakthroughs in leadership effectiveness, leaders emerge with clear outcomes, tactical goals, and plans to deliver immediate results for their organizations.

Learn more about the Breakthrough Intensive.

Learn More About the Breakthrough Intensive

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