Team Executive Challenge

Team Executive Challenge

Create a step change in performance.

As companies evolve, new initiatives, strategies, and processes are often met with resistance or passive-aggressive behavior. This is not because people conspire to be negative, however. If new information does not fit the existing way of doing things, it will simply be rejected.


The Team Executive Challenge guides leaders to identify and dispel invisible barriers to communication and problem solving, as well as surface the biases that detract from achieving breakthrough performance.



In this rigorous process, each team member learns how to translate new ideas and goals into meaningful actions—and ultimately outcomes—that shift the organization.

  • Team members commit to individual or team-based breakthrough projects, track milestones, and complete within a 10-month period
  • The project must produce tangible benefits for the organization and require rapid leadership growth and development for team members
  • Team members develop the capability of clearing away obstacles of all kinds—each leader learns how to solve the inevitable problems that arise with pursuing new levels of performance
  • The approach creates freedom to be creative and focus on essential steps to take to achieve the targeted breakthrough
  • Teams learn to continuously think big and take unorthodox actions that are consistent with delivering above-and-beyond results

Find out more about possible team breakthrough projects.

Find Out More About Possible Team Breakthrough Projects

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