Breakthrough Enterprise Consulting

Breakthrough Enterprise Consulting

Alter the trajectory of your business performance.

Changing with pace goes against the human condition; we are not organized to change fast.


But when the rate of change in the marketplace is increasing exponentially, people’s ability to move out of comfort zones and break new ground is your competitive advantage.


Gap International’s Enterprise Consulting is a catalyst to shift the thinking and behaviors of leaders and teams, allowing leading-edge organizations to consistently work from a breakthrough performance mindset.


This enterprise initiative builds capabilities for creating alignment, delivering groundbreaking results, and continuously outperforming competitors.


  • Cause fast and widespread change across an enterprise
  • Shift organizational mindsets and the corresponding behaviors of leaders, teams, and departments
  • Identify and dispel the past assumptions or hidden barriers to communication and problem-solving
  • Surface the biases that contribute to or detract from achieving breakthrough performance

Every initiative begins in partnership with the leader articulating the desired future they see for the business. We employ a systematic approach that aligns the organization with the leader’s vision, creating an engaged, high-performing enterprise.


This transformational consulting methodology interrupts current organizational mindsets, changes perception and behavior, and invigorates creativity and innovation.


It is a highly integrated approach that moves leaders and teams away from assumptions of the past, generating fresh perspectives and producing strategic and lasting organizational change.


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We have the ability to serve small businesses all the way to large organizations, pulling from the below services and offerings tailored to meet your needs.


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