Organizational Alignment Diagnostic

Organizational Alignment Diagnostic

Measure the invisible dynamics of an enterprise.

A variety of fast-moving and distinct forces are coming together to make organizational alignment a priority for leaders.


The Organizational Alignment Diagnostic provides a schematic of the entire organization’s ability to act on the direction of the leadership to deliver exceptional business results.


It delivers specific feedback and supports people in being flexible, willing, and adaptive to meet new challenges regardless of the strategy being implemented.



The strength of any organization is influenced by the prevalence of its purpose, the level of its ownership, and the courage of its people to take risks.


The Organizational Alignment Diagnostic provides leaders with a line-of-sight into key factors that drive precise and targeted organizational change.



The link between peoples’ contribution and an inspiring future



An expanded perspective on what is needed from people to ensure the delivery of breakthrough results



The courage and freedom to express innovative ideas and take new actions


  • Demystify breakdowns in performance, while simultaneously creating specific actions to create change, growth, and innovation
  • Rapidly address key business issues by establishing a common language to evoke communication throughout the organization
  • Optimize performance by providing an enterprise-wide view of the existence or absence of conditions and behaviors contributing to performance
  • Build and deepen a culture of alignment, which increases an organization’s capacity to deliver breakthrough performance


  • Administer a simple digital survey that can reach the entire population of an organization
  • Participants gain immediate, actionable feedback on their level of alignment with the organization
  • Leaders gain organizational insights and trends that they can address to strengthen the business performance
  • Diagnostic data is benchmarked and tracked over time so leaders and participants can continually measure and calibrate their level of alignment

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