2024 Leveraging Genius Conference

The 2025 Leveraging Genius Conference

The Genius of Team





Individual consultation


Visual depiction and

analysis of your Genius


Direct application of

Genius to create

real-time impact



What We Mean By Genius


Genius is at the heart of all extraordinary performance. It is the precise mindset we are in when we are being our most exceptional selves. Genius can be discovered, shared, and maximized, giving us instant access to unparalleled levels of effectiveness and performance—more of the time—maybe even all the time.


Once you discover your Genius, you can replicate and apply it to any area you choose. And when you share your Genius as a team, you can apply your collective Genius to your most ambitious goals.





February 24 - 27, 2025

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What the World Needs Most from Us is Our Genius


In today’s markets, it is challenging enough to keep delivering consistent business results, let alone consistently extraordinary results. Success begs for something seemingly impossible—the ability to think and lead in a way that produces great results in any circumstance, day after day.


Accessing and leveraging the best in people can make or break a company’s performance and ability to be competitive.


Genius is the supercharger for extraordinary performance.

When we know the source of our greatest performance, so much more is possible. We can leverage this Genius repeatedly to invent any solution going forward. We can apply it to our biggest challenges, unsolvable problems, and loftiest commitments.

Leaders Must Be Extraordinary to Cause the Extraordinary


Leveraging Genius opens the door to consistent, extraordinary performance. Discovering, clarifying, and leveraging the Genius already inside a person gives the confidence and creative power to achieve a next chapter of amazing results and accomplishments—individually and as a team.


Building a Genius Mindset


All teams have Genius.


By joining the 2025 Leveraging Genius Conference, you and your team will gain access to the source of your greatest performance.



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