Why Leading Your Company in the Ambition Zone is No Longer a Luxury

Today’s marketplace challenges require a different kind of thinking and leadership than ever before. It’s no longer enough to keep pace. Waiting to react can often mean missing opportunity. Leaders seem to be faced with one of two choices: disrupt themselves or be disrupted by someone else. Leaders can easily find themselves bombarded with the threat of technological obsoletion, disintermediation, or faster, more nimble businesses taking over their market.



But there is good news. With all that going on, leaders have a big resource available that remains constant in its effectiveness for causing change and staying highly competitive. Leaders can always bring the willingness to push themselves and their organizations to a new place. It requires them to challenge the assumptions underlying their business model and create the necessary performance edge with their people and organizations. 



Like any approach, it can be studied and learned. Striving relentlessly for the very best performance has always been desirable, but the current environment has made it essential.



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