Value of Limits

Value of Limits

What would you do with unlimited time and an infinite well of resources?


It’s tempting to imagine what might open up in the absence of limits. Consider, however, that far from being an impediment, limits are a source of value.


So what about the value of limits? We posed this question to some of our colleagues:


“I will not play a game without parameters. With no limits, there’s no winning. There’s no game to play. Limits provoke thinking, invention, solutions, and creativity.”


“Limits cause us to get creative with what we have to produce the results we want. They push us to be our best, give our most, go all the way to reach our ambitions – because we want to go beyond the limits, go beyond what we think we are capable of. Limits push us to deliver the extraordinary, the unpredictable – they drive us to go beyond what’s expected.”


“If you want a creative solution, start limiting your resources. Imposing limits when brainstorming can force thinking to go places it has never gone, creating solutions that would never be considered.”


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