The Worlds of Winning

Many leaders have winning in their thinking. Loving to win, wanting to win, striving to win.
We asked hundreds of leaders what they meant when they talked about winning, what thinking is operating for them when they are out to win. There was a world behind those words:

  • By winning together and making sure it is a win for everyone, we can go a lot further

  • Create an open and winning team culture

  • Winning can be everyday

  • Do what you want to win, whatever winning looks like

  • Enjoy winning as a team

  • Every single person contributes to winning

  • Everyone winning is more important than winning on your own

  • Face challenge with confidence

  • Positive attitude is a great strength

  • Have people experience that collective, winning joy

  • Have people feel that exuberance

  • It is fun to be an integral part of a winning team

  • Materializing the reality you create is winning

Fun, Joy, Excitement, Togetherness – when you think about what you’re out to win, what’s behind it for you?


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