The 100% Relationship

The 100% Relationship



Four numbers and a dash that immediately translate to words.


Relationships. Partnerships. Even. Balanced. Shared. Fair.


Universally accepted as the standard for joint accountability – the ideal ratio of give and take to ensure equilibrium.


But what happens when a 50-50 relationship doesn’t yield the desired outcomes? Is the partnership doomed? Perhaps not, if you take full ownership of the relationship and become 100% accountable for its success.




It doesn’t hold the same cachet as 50-50. It’s lopsided, completely uneven, and unfair.


It also puts 100% of the ownership in your hands.


Relationships go awry, connections with other people erode, imbalances occur.


By taking complete ownership of the relationship, you become empowered to restore the connection that has been lost. There is no waiting for the others. It’s all in your control.


Extraordinary relationships can materialize because of your 100% commitment.


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