Standing Firm and Challenging Assumptions

standing firm and challenging assumptions


40 years of reaping sustainable growth, sticking to the formula their customers have come to expect. 


40 years of incredible success with a tried and true commercial model for their machine technology. 


40 years of clients sticking to cyclical infrastructure investments.  


40 years of humming along. 


Enter the Covid-19 pandemic. Uncertainty hit the markets and budgets were frozen. The sudden veracity of decimated sales forced the CEO of a global manufacturing services company to challenge every known quantity his business had always held to be true. 


It wasn’t immediately obvious how to change things to maintain the commitments he had to his employees and stakeholders, not to mention the larger ambition he had for the future of the company.  


The CEO threw out a challenge to his senior staff to examine all pathways to keep the business on track. The only option off limits was failing to achieve the level of performance the business had committed to - even in the face of a pandemic. 


Out of this standing commitment and the willingness to challenge all past assumptions, a powerful idea arose to radically redesign their packaging and pricing models for their core business. 


Different types of machinery and traditionally siloed services are now being combined in novel packages never considered before. Supplemented by adjustments to pricing structures and newly created value-add supplements, the business successfully positioned itself to provide even better solutions for their market while staying true to their performance commitments despite extreme economic realities.


Here’s to 41 years of continued growth and success!


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