Nodding Heads ≠ Alignment?

Agreement vs Alignment


Nodding heads. A thumbs up on Zoom. A resounding “clear” response from your co-workers.


We’ve all left meetings and experienced interactions like these that signal your team is clear on the mission or task at hand. People know what there is to do.


The plan is 100% clear.


Yet, we’ve all had the experience of coming back together and the result isn’t quite what we wanted.


Often, the culprit can be mistaking agreement for genuine, authentic alignment.


People agree for many different reasons. They might not feel free to share all their background concerns. They could have additional questions but convince themselves are unimportant to ask.


As leaders, if we are tuned in and leading for alignment, we can detect these situations when something feels a bit off.


Elevating our sense of awareness for alignment vs. agreement can dramatically change the trajectory of our results.



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