Business Turnaround After Five Years of Decline

Asia Pacific Division of Global Consumer Healthcare Products Company


A Sales and Marketing team achieved breakthrough growth by thinking bigger, working together and owning total results.


  • Leaders doubted viability of the division due to five years of missing quarterly and annual revenue targets
  • The team focused annual resources on promoting only a small sub-set of brands in the portfolio



A new divisional executive was determined to quickly build a high-performing team to turn the business around and serve as a success story for the whole region.


The executive wanted the team to believe in bigger possibilities for business success, collaborate across silos, adopt effective business practices, and hold themselves accountable for overall performance of the division.


  • Focusing on short-term individual goals versus long-term overall goals
  • Thinking small and avoiding risks
  • Having low confidence in their ability to operate as a highly-effective Sales and Marketing function to meet or exceed revenue targets



The Sales and Marketing executive selected Gap International’s Breakthrough Course Online® as the centerpiece of his initiative to build an aligned Sales and Marketing team that could turn the business around and achieve sustainable growth.


Leaders completed the course to accomplish three immediate objectives:

  • Shift their mindset from doubting to believing they could turn the business around to meet or exceed revenue targets
  • Operate as a collaborative team, fully accountable for overall long-term results
  • Adopt effective business practices as a highly-functioning Sales and Marketing unit



The team produced impressive and sustainable results by applying new mindsets and committing to breakthrough goals. After five years of decline, they turned the business around in two months with these specific achievements:

  • Exceeded revenue targets in the quarter following the course and continued to meet them in the next quarter—the first time in five years
  • Secured the largest-ever contract with an existing client—exceeding all expectations about what was possible
  • Renegotiated contracts with current clients and acquired new contracts

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