Today’s business world changes faster than a camera flash. Just think about how photography has changed since the Polaroid camera was introduced in the mid-20th century. The company was carried by this innovation for years—and no longer exists.

Now flash forward. When was the last time you bought a roll of film? How often do you take pictures with a digital camera instead of your smart phone or tablet? There are countless examples of products and services we used in the past that were replaced by new innovations—and these changes come at us faster and faster.

According to Pontish Yeramyan, founder and CEO of Gap International, “It’s imperative now to bring innovation to market fast. And you have to be thinking about the next one before you finish this one.”

Gap International calls this “The Innovation Imperative.”

Extraordinary growth of any business relies on satisfaction and loyalty from customers whose expectations are changing and being met by competitors at an accelerated pace.

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