The Genius of Team

The 2022 Leveraging Genius Conference


Our 40 years of focused study on extraordinary performance has exposed the kind of thinking leaders are engaged in when they are at the top of their game—when they are seeing things with greatest clarity, making important decisions effectively and with confidence, and inspiring those around them.


All the things that result in a person’s most exceptional performance and results. We call this a person’s Genius – and everyone has it.


So does every team.


Today, we are all more acutely aware of how imperative it is for our teams to rapidly adapt in order to stay ahead of the competition. To get ahead, we need to go beyond business as usual. It’s time for the exceptional—for ourselves and our teams.


Contact Nancy Sloane to learn more about The Genius of Team.

All Attendees of the Conference Receive:

  • Personalized consultation

  • Visual depiction and analysis of your Genius

  • Direct application of Genius to solve your real-time problems and win your opportunities


Dates: February 22-25, 2022

Timing: 9:00am – 5:00pm EST

Location: Virtually on Zoom


day 1 light

February 22

The Genius Mindset  

What is Genius and what is the Genius of our team?



day 2 light

February 23

Alignment and Genius  

How does Genius accelerate alignment for our team?



day 3 light

February 24

The Impact of Genius  

How can having a deep understanding of our team’s Genius propel us to take on the extraordinary?



day 4 light

February 25

Discovering the Next Edge  

How do we as a team maximize Genius in our greatest challenges?



The Genius of Team

February 22-25, 2022 (virtual)

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