The Accountability Trap [Webinar]

Listen to the Accountability Trap


Accountability is a common issue leaders face. We can have high expectations of our teams. We can clarify job roles, responsibilities, and tasks. But leading people to be accountable for the organization’s success can easily get lost in the narrower view of daily activities.


More than half of leaders polled by the American Management Association said that only 49 percent of employees fully understand the extent that their responsibilities contribute to the organization’s success.


This disconnect points directly to what many leaders deal with when it comes to developing people to reliably and consistently deliver outcomes: how do you have people be accountable for the results in the way you are? How do you create a culture of accountability that allows people to step up in their leadership and deliver bigger outcomes more reliably?


Accountability needs to be created all the time. In the “Accountability Trap” webinar, we discuss tips and tactics on how leaders can build a culture of accountability that ignites a problem solving and “can-do” spirit.



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