Black Lives Matter


People are the instruments of change. We decide which institutions to create, which to maintain, which to tear down.

Throughout history, “we” has been gradually redefined; enveloping an ever-widening array of people empowered to decide. Yet too many voices remain silenced. Told they don’t matter.

Every so often, these forgotten voices decide that they do matter. That change can’t wait any longer. Right now, the world is galvanized behind these voices.

Black Lives Matter.

They always have. It’s an essential, universal truth. It was true 400 years ago. It’s true now. It’ll be true 5 years hence.

The institutions that live this truth will be the ones that fundamentally change their mindsets. Sustaining the extraordinary starts not with new actions, but new thinking.

We’re firmly rooted in the possibility of new thinking to cause fundamental change. We hold that everyone has genius. We stand for equality and empowerment.

We stand with Black Lives Matter.


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