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Buy-In: Would You Say Yes To You?


Getting buy-in isn’t just a step in the process of execution. It may start with key people in a meeting where you present a case and have them buy-in, but it almost always seems to require having the same people (and more!) buying-in all along the way. Just because you get it once doesn’t mean it sticks. The common denominator to having people buy-in is not just the case you are presenting. It’s you. Would you say yes to you on … Read more

Tolerating “Almost”


“Good enough is no longer good enough.” I’ve heard this around organizations a lot recently. It’s easier said than done to turn a “good enough” mindset into a high performing one. Mediocrity is like gravity. It seeps into our offices, meetings and culture…lulling us into a quiet tolerance. “I won’t push you if you don’t push me.” This is all around us – “almost great,” and sometimes it’s just “almost good.” I was a consistent 3.7 as a student from … Read more

Fostering an Innovation Mindset

In the Harvard Business Review post, “Innovation’s Nine Critical Success Factors,” Mark Sebell and Jay Terwilliger write that organizations cannot innovate productively unless the underlying factors are in good shape. Some critical success factors include a shared vision of the future, a fully aligned strategic innovation agenda and visible senior management involvement. I can’t help but think about what kind of leaders and thinkers this must take. To have an innovation organization that operates at high levels in all nine … Read more

Managers’ Ability to Drive Performance, There’s a Diagnostic for That

I read a Businessweek article recently by the staff of the Corporate Executive Board that tees up a big issue companies have with training their line managers to deliver performance. Based on CEB research, 90 percent of CFOs surveyed from mid-sized companies expect growth in the next year, but finding the right candidates to support that growth is getting more and more difficult. According to Managers Must Drive Employee Performance, “companies will need to lean more heavily on their existing … Read more