One of Gap International’s most important breakthrough principles is “relentless focus on outcomes” and we regularly partner with our client leaders and organizations to deliver extraordinary outcomes. At the end of 2014, Forbes and Inc. Magazine each published an inspiring article about our client Euro-Pro, makers of Shark vacuums and Ninja Blenders.

Mark Barrocas, president of Euro-Pro, shares in the articles about how leadership is only as good as the outcomes it produces. He and other Euro-Pro leaders have worked with Gap’s methodology and shifted the company’s focus from performing tasks or activities to regularly producing quantifiable outcomes.

It’s a big shift in mindset, with a profound impact – the approach of setting ambitious breakthrough goals and relentlessly working to have them happen is strengthening Euro-Pro’s culture and enabling rapid growth. They’ve been able to double their business over the last two years and take the lead in the US vacuum market, which is the largest in the world.

You can read more about Euro-Pro’s success in Forbes and Inc.