Gap International’s Building a Breakthrough Executive (BBE) is a premier leadership program. For 20 years, the program has given executives from around the world the rare opportunity to transform themselves as leaders and build the foundation for doing it again and again.

This high-impact executive leadership development program is consistently described by Fortune 500 and Global 1000 executives as the best in its class. During the year-long program, senior leaders rigorously practice the art and science of leading a breakthrough enterprise.

Both practical and profound, this program gives executives the opportunity to develop new and innovative ways to lead their organizations, while receiving immediate and direct business leadership coaching from the program leaders and fellow participants.

In simulations, practices and one-on-one consulting sessions, leaders rethink the assumptions and beliefs shaping their leadership today. They experience the real impact they have on others, work through their "blind spots" and individual leadership barriers, and develop the confidence to stand for and deliver their most important business objectives.

Executives complete this unique leadership development experience having had the most effective and productive twelve months of their careers.

21st Century Organization
Pontish Yeramyan, Founder and CEO, Gap International


  1. Meaningful self-discovery as a leader Authentic, fulfilling leadership that results from the consistent accountability for one’s impact and influence
  2. Significant increase in confidence in all areas of leadership Natural desire to take on bigger and more expansive growth possibilities in an organization, grounded in a solid foundation for making it happen
  3. Strengthen critical relationships Developing highly effective partnerships and relationships that were unlikely to happen
  4. Resolving immediate issues with other people Confidence and skill to consistently have difficult conversations without a negative effect on others
  5. Accountability for one's impact as a leader Maximizing the growth of others, and developing them quickly to see their impact and bring out their best leadership
  6. Connection to legacy, purpose and contribution Fulfillment of life’s most important work, and a greatly expanded view of what breakthrough leadership can accomplish in the world

Who Attends

CEOs, Presidents, and other top-level corporate executives, as well as high-growth business owners.

Leaders attend the Building a Breakthrough Executive because they want to build on all the learning and experience they have, and become the leader they've always wanted and needed to be.


VP, Pharmaceuticals

"I was the leader of an oncology team at the time. We had a phenomenal 15 month run where they launched 3 new products and successfully - you don't have many opportunities like that in your career to have back to back major success stories. The success was clearly part of the success of BBE."

VP of HR, Consumer Goods

"It took me from being a good, high-level operator to deciding the agenda and leading the change."

VP of Operations, Information Technology

"It changed every single thing I've ever accomplished, ever. It changed what kind of goals I took on. It changed how I coached people. It changed how I heard people. It changed how they heard me."

EVP, Banking

"The BBE allowed me to be declarative about achieving the goals, setting the goals and being intentional about making them happen. We established some big goals on customer experience and revenue generating. In an old mind set, we wouldn't have been able to reach those goals. I declared them as part of my self-discovery and vulnerability piece coming out of the BBE. We actually hit them."


The Building a Breakthrough Executive program immerses you in a year-long journey of self-discovery, featuring a four-day session each quarter.

Each session builds on the last and has its own specific purpose and set of topics. The sessions provide concentrated deep learning and transformation, supported by real-time peer/coach feedback and relevant personal insights into your leadership that inspire breakthrough results.

  • Session 1: Individual Leadership – Building a Powerful Foundation
  • Session 2: Leader in Relationship – Bringing Others With You
  • Session 3: Leader in Organization – Materializing Big New Possibilities and Inspiring Change
  • Session 4: Leader in the World – Maximizing Your Expression and Impact

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Course Size: 15 to 20 participants

Upcoming Launch Dates

November 17, 2015
July 12, 2016
November 15, 2016

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