About Gap

Transforming Organizations Transforming the World

This is Gap International’s purpose and its only work. For more than 30 years, the company has built expertise and a track record of results in transforming the performance of executives and their organizations from the expected to the extraordinary.

The driving force of everything Gap International does is breakthrough—breakthrough thinking, execution, leadership, strategy, and performance—with an intense focus on outcomes.

To transform organizations, Gap International works with leaders in a variety of ways, including enterprise-wide consulting initiatives, breakthrough diagnostics and measurement tools, as well as leadership and team growth and performance programs. Regardless of the scope of work, these consulting services, tools, and programs are for leaders who see changing the way people think as a necessary pathway for executing strategies and accomplishing their most ambitious objectives.

Gap International’s breakthrough methodologies, tools, and programs are continuously at work inside many leading global organizations, government agencies, businesses, and non-profits across dozens of industries. The company has earned a worldwide reputation for partnering with executives and their organizations to deliver breakthrough results, for developing executives and their teams into powerful, effective and dynamic leaders, and for engaging leaders and teams at all levels to deliver outstanding results for their organizations.